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Ap Lei Pai via Mount Johnston – A short but steep challenge

End of October I was on another solo hike in Hong Kong. For the first time ever I went to Ap Lei Pai. I started my adventure at the MTR Station Lei Tung on Ap Lei Chau. Then I was trekking via Mount Johnston over to Ap Lei Pai, and visited the lighthouse.

The lighthouse on Ap Lei Pai

How to get there

  • Take the MTR train (South Island Line) to Lei Tung
  • At the MTR Station, take Exit B towards the bus stop. The starting point at Lei Tung Estate. Walk between the two yellow booths. 
  • Opposite the bus stop you can find two yellow booths. Walk in-between them, and follow the path till you see the steps. 
  • There is the starting point to hike up Mount Johnston.
  • There are two trails paths parallel to the top. You can choose both, both have got some ropes. The one at the right side may be a bit easier.

Explore the views, seaside, drone shots and much more in my newest video just above.

Ap Lei Pai from above

You can read more details about this hike on the Drone & DSLR website over here.

Aerial shot between Mount Johnston & Ap Lei Pai.

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