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Sam Mun Tsai – an aerial & musical journey

Sam Mun Tsai – That’s a beautiful place nearby Tai Po, Hong Kong. Located just opposite the White Buddha and Tsz Shan Monastery.

Special thanks to Lenie, Jane, Benjie, June Janric and everyone else who joined us. And a lot of greetings to Bagsik Band. Please visit their YouTube Channel over here.

Sunset above Sam Mun Tsai

How to get there

  • Take the MTR train to Tai Po Market
  • From there, walk over to the Minibus Station and take the Minibus 20K
  • Leave the Green Minibus directly at the Sam Mun Tsai Dam
Flying above Sam Mun Tsai with Pat Sin Leng in the background on the left side
Flying above Sam Mun Tsai: On the left side you can see the Plover Cove Reservoir

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