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Sai Wan Swimming Shed near Kennedy Town

It took almost seven years until I discovered the Swimming Shed in Sai Wan, near Kennedy Town. It turns out to be the perfect place to watch the sunset in the western part of Hong Kong Island.

How to get there

The Sai Wan Swimming Shed is located near Kennedy Town MTR station, Take Exit A, and you’ll find the green Minibus No 58, 58 A or 59, which will get you there. Otherwise, you could also take bus 1, which runs through Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town. Leave the bus at the Caritas Jockey Club Hostel Mount Davis stop on Victoria Road.

Perfect place for watching the sunset
Perfect place for watching the sunset

I did choose to walk there from the Kennedy Town MTR station. It takes only around 15 minutes. Follow the Victoria Road towards Mount Davis. Just before the Caritas Jockey Club Hostel Mount Davis bus stop, you will find some stairs leading down to the Swimming Shed. Head down the staircase, and you’ll see a green shed right before the pier.

Yes, you can swim!

It’s also possible to take a dip inside the sea. But be careful. If you are not a good swimmer, you should probably not jump inside the water. There are strong waves. And due to the boats nearby, the conditions are pretty unpredictable. There are no lifeguards.

The view at the Swimming Shed is perfect for a sunset. Unfortunately, in my case, the weather was not good at all. But for sure, now as I know the place, I will return.

Perfect place for watching the sunset
Perfect place for watching the sunset: The small pier

3 comments on “Sai Wan Swimming Shed near Kennedy Town

  1. Phil Spruce

    Regularly see older people swimming there in the morning, all through the year

  2. Rob Keylock

    Haha nice guide, thank-you, on the subject of swimming, my mate jumped in and the currents whipped him away, and round the headland he bobbed, eventually reaching land, and needing to climb a cliff in barefoot and walk back to the sheds,

    Needless to say, his girlfriend was in a near state of panic. Of course we thought it funny, he is a strong large swimmer, but, the point is, you are right, very dangerous currents there.

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