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West Dog’s Teeth: Hong Kong’s hardest trail to Lantau Peak?

Many people told me that the West Dog’s Teeth hike is Hong Kong’s hardest trail. I agree that it’s a long, steep, tricky climb in certain places. But in the end, the hike is everywhere safe, and there are no crazy cliff climbs or dangerous corridors to pass.

Of course, there are a lot of options and ways to walk. “One Lifeline”, which connects West Dog to Middle Dog, can be one of these dangerous parts where accidents happened in the past. Not experienced hikers should avoid such places. But we went straight up to the Bird’s Rock and to Lantau Peak, which is why I cannot comment on that. Some friends who did this hike also ended up at South- or North Heaven Gate. This is another trail again – which may be tricky and harder to go on.

West Dog’s Teeth Hike: On Lantau Peak, nearby Bird’s Rock. Here you would start down to South Heaven Gate

For me, a 42-year-old guy with slight vertigo, the Hades’s Wall between West Dog and Lantau Peak was the most challenging part. The place is steep and, in some areas, also a bit slippery. And there are no trees, which could give you a certain amount of a secure feeling. Otherwise, I enjoyed it.

If you start at the Shek Pik Reservoir, the route requires a lot of bouldering and scrambling to reach the end of the ridge of West Dog. Always remember: You hike at your own risk. Know your limits!

I made a short video about our hike to the top. You can watch it over here, and get yourself an impression about the route. Enjoy!

Details about the hike

Hike Distance: We started at Shek Pik Reservoir, walked West Dog’s Teeth to Lantau Peak, and descended to Ngong Ping, the Big Buddha. The total distance was 11.38 km.

Hike Duration: The total moving time was 3 hours and 6 minutes. However, we took videos, had lunch, and rested on the top. The whole adventure took 6 hours.

Elevation: the total Elevation was 900 m, the maximum height 938 m, ref. to my Apple Watch. You can see a profile of the hike below.

Hike Difficulty: I would give the hike a difficulty of 7/10. It’s often referred to as the hardest hike in Hong Kong. I mentioned above already: There are no crazy cliffs to climb, there are no death-defying moments. The hike is not easy because the climb to the top is long, steep and you will not find a well-developed trail – like if you are on Hong Kong or Maclehose Trail. But if you prefer scrambling over stairs – it may be a good option for you.

West Dog’s Teeth Hike: On Lantau Peak, a picture with the Bird’s Rock

What you should bring

We could now start with enough water, good shoes, snacksโ€ฆ but let’s face it: These are the essential equipment you should have for every hike. No exception! I like to focus more on the specialities of this trail here: You may bring some hiking gloves as you will most probably use your hands as well. I did wear my sailing gloves. It protects my hand, and I can still use touch screens of my GoPro or phone. The weather can change fast on the ridge. Bring some windbreaker jacket and a cap. It’s a long way up. If you watch my video, you will see how the weather changed twice while hiking to the top.

West Dog’s Teeth Hike: The view to Middle Dog

How to get there?

To get to West Dog’s Teeth, there are two options. Please get off the bus at ‘Shek Pik Police Station’ with whichever option you choose.

  • Option 1: Start at Tung Chung MTR station. From there you need to get either the bus no. 11 or 23.
  • Option 2: Take the ferry to Mui Wo and then hop on the bus 1 or 2.

First steps: Walk back a couple of hundred meters to the trail entrance, precisely the same way the bus drove you there. You will pass then a park. When you reach an artificial river, cross the bridge on the right side and enter the Shek Pik Country Trail. You will begin with stairs and walk a while on a proper trail. After around 3.5 km, you will find the West Dog’s Teeth ridge entry on the right side. On the right-hand side of the trail, you will suddenly see a rocky ramp with spray-painted Chinese characters. That’s the start up to the ridge.

Follow the ridge until you are on Lantau Peak. You canโ€™t go much wrong.

West Dog’s Teeth Hike: View from Lantau Peak

We ended our hike at Ngong Ping, the Big Buddha.

2 comments on “West Dog’s Teeth: Hong Kong’s hardest trail to Lantau Peak?

  1. […] But, I was not just filming, I made also some pictures. Thanks a lot to my friends, who took most of them. Those are my favourite shots of the month. You can read more about the hike here. […]

  2. Rob Keylock

    Really enjoyed hiking this, Severity rating, for Hong Kong I’d rate it 8/10 and beware, the weather changed half way up, rain and wind whipped in, the rope climb section and all above became slippery and we cooled down very quickly.

    On the upside, the mists rolling in at the top, made the Dogs teeth look beautiful and truly stunning landscape.

    Let’s do it again next winter.

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