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Qiu Feng Stream Trekking in Sai Kung: Exploring waterfalls in Hong Kong

In August 2021, we visited Sai Kung, passed four big waterfalls and walked up the Qiu Feng Stream (秋楓石澗). On my YouTube channel, you can find two videos about this adventure. Once a YouTube #Shorts clip over here, or this 10-minute long video below!

How to get there?

Here is a basic description, how to reach the Qiu Feng Stream.

  • First, travel to Sai Kung Town. From my home on Hong Kong Island, I am usually taking the MTR to Hang Hau Station. From there, I travel with the Minibus No 101M directly to Sai Kung.
  • Once you arrive in Sai Kung, take the KTM Citybus 94 to the “Lady MacLehose Holiday Village” station. From there, you can reach the stream easily.
  • If you begin your journey from Diamond Hill MTR station, you may stay inside bus 96R, which takes you directly to this station.
  • Once you left the bus, keep going on the road for around 50 meters. Cross the road in front of the bridge and go down to the stream, right over the railing.
  • Go down to the stream and head left in the water. Be aware that two streams are merging nearby the entry point. Qiu Feng is the left one.
  • The whole route we took up the stream, you can see on the map below.
Qiu Feng Stream: Entry points in red. I marked in blue the route we took.

Trekking up the stream

The first part of the stream is relatively flat. You will pass four big waterfalls during the 4.5 km of this tour. Most time, you will move parallel to the Luk Wu Country Trail. In the worst case, if a climb gets too tricky, there is always an option to move over to the Country Trail and bypass.

Qiu Feng Stream: Lower part of the stream

The so-called “One-Line-Waterfall” was the most impressive, but also the scariest one. We did bypass the waterfall on the right side, as I was not confident to climb after the intense rainfall in the morning. Once you reach the top of the stream, exit the creek on the left side to the Luk Wu Country Trail. The path is not much more than 20 meters far away from the stream.

Qiu Feng Stream: One-Line-Waterfall

Have a look at the ribbons, which should show you the way. We walked back down the country trail, back to Bus No. 94, which brought us back to Sai Kung.

Qiu Feng Stream: First waterfall and the first pool

Duration, Difficulty & Distance

The total length is around 8 km (including the walk back to the bus). If you walk without a rest, you will need about 3-4 hours. But if you take swimming breaks, it may take much longer. In total, we explored around 7 hours (incl. lunch)

Qiu Feng Stream: Upper part of the stream

I rate the hike with a difficulty of 7/10. The waterfalls can all be bypassed. But some parts were tricky. We went on the journey after heavy rain. The route was slippery, and it was pretty hard to get a grip. Overall, I could do it — and I am miserable in rock climbing. 🤭

Qiu Feng Stream: The last waterfall on the top of the stream.

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