Dine with the locals in Cambodia – A local food adventure

A Wiener schnitzel with fries on the beach in Thailand? Or do you prefer spaghetti bolognese in a tourist restaurant in Cambodia? No, will not offer you anything like that. The mission, as explained on the website, is quite the opposite.

We have a mission: bringing a real experience to visitors in Cambodia. We were tired of boring cooking schools and tasteless meals in restaurants for tourists. We also learned from travellers, that they want a real authentic experience. And this is what we offer. Khmer families will cook a meal for you. A set menu. No special requests (although some can replace meat with tofu, but that’s it). You get what they offer.

Dine With Locals

I had the pleasure to meet Thomas Wanhoff, the co-founder of the project “Dine With The Locals”, in person. He has been living in Asia for years and did choose Siem Reap as his new home. That’s why we’ve run into each other several times over here.


The project’s website also answers the question of what makes a holiday trip special.

When you are traveling, most of the memorable moments are from interactions with local people. And there are many reasons why a local experience in Cambodia is something you remember.

Thomas Wanhoff, Co-Founder

I really think this is a brilliant idea. After all, these contacts with locals are exactly what has made my travels unique over the past few years. I like to remember my friendships from Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. I am still in contact with many of them today. Evenings, I will still remember in a lot of years.


Planning a trip to Siem Reap? Then visit the website and learn more about Cambodian culture. The food will always be better than in one of the many tourist restaurants with bad service. By the way, “Dine With The Locals” is also available on Facebook.

This blog post was originally published on my old website, on April 1, 2019. Still, as I love the content I did move this post as well to my new website.

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