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Hiking from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo (A hike to the best apple tarts on Lantau Island)

There are quite a couple of possible routes if you like to hike from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo. One is to climb on the top of the Tiger Head. I did this twice. You can read more here:

But of course, you can take as well an easy route. And thatโ€™s what we talk about in this post here. I enjoyed this journey. It was quite an easy hike and I had not too much time that day, as I had to visit my sonโ€™s birthday party in the evening. Thatโ€™s why I did choose this easy route. But watch the whole story in this video here.

How to go there / Starting Point

Above you can find a screenshot of the route I took. On the map, you can also see that there are quite a lot of possible ways.

  1. I started directly at the Ferry Station in Discovery Bay and turned left. I followed the waterfront and tried to wander over to the Trappist Haven Monastery.
  2. But due to COVID-19, the Monastery was closed for the public. That’s why I followed the street up to Hung Shui Shan (just around 275 m high).
  3. From there, I stepped towards the seaside and walked down the hill to Mui Wo. This part leads you through some forests. No worries, you have a good path to follow. But be careful. It gets from time to time a bit steep.
Seaside, nearby Discovery Bay
Drone shot nearby Hui Shui Shan – looking to Mui Wo in the background.

Duration, Difficulty & Distance

Including taking videos, photos and my small accident, which you can see in this video, the whole trip took me around 2 hours 10 minutes. The entire trail is around 7.5 km long. The route is not too challenging. That’s why I rate the difficulty with 4/10.

Walking down to Mui Wo from Hui Shui Shan.
Drone shot of Mui Wo

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