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Again on the Tiger Head – Hike to the Lo Fu Tau (老虎頭)

In June 2020, I visited the Tiger Head for the first time. Back then, I started the hike together with my friend Lanie at Discovery Bay and walked from the Discovery Bay Road to the Lookout Pavilion. From there we climbed up to the Tiger Head View Point and all the way down to Mui Wo. The video and an exact description of the route you may find over here in my blog.

The view from the Tiger Head View Point.

Last Sunday, I went there again. But this time, I climbed from Discovery Bay to Yi Pak Au. I approached the Tiger Head via Lau Fa Tung from the backside and hiking down again the Reservoir North Fork. A slightly different route. This is the short video I created on the Tiger Head.

The two routes you can see here. The red route brings you all the way to Mui Wo, the blue route I took last week. A more detailed description of the red route you may find over here.

Click here to download and watch the picture in full size.

Second option: The blue route to the Tiger Head

Here is a more detailed road description for the second route I took to the Lo Fu Tau.

  • Take the Ferry to Discovery Bay
  • Walk beyond Discovery Bay Plaza, and follow along the beach. Move then over to the Discovery Bay Road on the left side. Walk all the way down to the “Greenbelt Court – Discovery Bay Block 23” (Google Maps).
  • Just behind the Greenbelt Court – Discovery Bay Block 23 building, the trail starts.
The trail starts behind the Greenbelt Court – Discovery Bay Block 23, and is quite steep.
  • Now you are climbing up to the Yi Pak Au. On the top, please turn left and follow the path to Lau Fa Tung.
  • Be aware, also this part is quite steep, and it is quite sandy and slippery.
Way up to Lau Fa Tung, a sandy and sliding surface up to the top.
  • Once on top, walk around the Lau Fa Tung and approach the Lo Fu Tau from the backside. The trail is easy to follow.
  • Once you arrive at the Lo Fu Tau (Tiger Head), you have multiple choices. Walk down directly to the DB Lookout Pavillion, or walk to Mui Wo.
  • I did choose even another way. I took the Reservoir North Fork. Walk from the Peak of the Tiger Head towards Mui Wo. After around two minutes, you will find the Reservoir North Fork (on your left side). The trail is small, covered by grass, and you need to be careful not to miss it.
  • Walk & step down to the reservoir. Once you arrive at the reservoir, turn left and follow the main road.
  • Just after around 5 minutes, after a construction site (they build there beautiful new houses), turn left again. You can now follow the trail which leads you towards the Lookout Pavillon.
  • Return down to Discovery Bay.
The view to the Reservoir of the Tiger Head View Point.

Duration, Difficulty & Distance

Altogether, the whole hike took me around 3 hours and 30 minutes, including capturing the videos for my YouTube clip. The hike is 9.7 km long, but the roads up to the hill and down are a bit challenging. As you can see in my pictures, you will not expect some fancy roads. You have to walk on sandy trails, climb some rocks. But, the trail is safe! Overall, I would classify the trek with a 6/10.

On the trail down the Reservoir North Fork.

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