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Thailand – The last days before COVID-19

Last winter, I enjoyed the last days of 2019 and also the Chinese New Year in Thailand. I hopped to Krabi after Christmas, I celebrated the New Yearโ€™s Eve in the Kingdom and came back for a second vacation during the Chinese New Year.

This was precisely the time when we heard the first stories about a new virus from Wuhan, China. Only a few days later, the first cases were reported in Hong Kong. Suddenly, face masks and toilet paper were sold out immediately, even in Bangkok. So I decided to stay a few days longer. I worked for three more weeks from my hotel room in Bangkok.

Finally, I managed it to recap those six weeks in Thailand in a short video. It was the first and also the last trip during 2020. Just days later, several lockdowns made it almost impossible to progress. Indeed, these were the last days before COVID-19.

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