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Happy Birthday Switzerland

Since 1891, the first of August has been celebrated as Swiss National Day. The date refers to a historic alliance concluded in 1291 by the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. This alliance was to become the key point around which Switzerland was built over the next 500 years.

Spiez, Thunersee

Exactly one year ago, I explored the city of Bern with my son, visited my father at my birthplace, and travelled by ship from Thun to Interlaken. Usually, I try to spend my summer holidays all the time in Switzerland. Today, exactly one year later, it is not reasonable to return to Switzerland. I would certainly be able to enter Switzerland; after all, I hold the Swiss passport. But the bigger problem is the re-entry to Hong Kong – and the quarantine that comes with it.

Sundlauenen, Thunersee

And that is why I decided to stay in Hong Kong. Most likely, I will not revisit Switzerland in the next 12 months. It is sad, but being healthy is more important at the moment, especially when you travel with young kids. Until we can travel again we’ ll look at the beautiful photos made in Switzerland. And the movie I published on YouTube today. One more time, these pictures remind me of the extraordinary summertime.

Bern, Capital of Switzerland

Bis gly widr ir Schwiiz!
See you soon again, Switzerland!

The old watergates in Thun

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