If you get bored during a pandemic? Learn something new!

If you get bored during a pandemic, and are not allowed to go to school for 6 months, learn how to play the piano. At least that’s what my son does. He learned the songs by himself (with the help of an iPad).

This short video was recorded last night at home, during a long quarantine evening together with my son (6 years old). Simply, he loves to play the piano. For this reason, he is now learning every day. Especially since he has not been able to go to school since January. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the school was changed to homeschooling. And currently, we are in the summer holidays.

My son also likes to edit videos on an iPad. Therefore I have published this short video for him on LumaFusion. Always remember: Time during a pandemic is not wasted. Try to make the best out of it. If you get bored, learn something new.

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