Reboot after 16 years

Yes, it has been almost 16 years now. This blogpost is my 1065th entry into my WordPress database. I can still remember how I coded my first website between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2004. First on Frontpage (🤦) and then on WordPress (since 2008). Until that time, I was only online at Geocities. Then, I registered my first own domain in December 2004 and early 2005, I started to write my first blog post.

Back then, I needed a name for my website. And I chose Amizade, the Portuguese word for “friendship”. Why? That day, a Portuguese dictionary was on my desk. I was learning Portuguese. Or I intended to. Actually, I never did. The domain was my primary domain until 2015 and is still part of my email address today. But when I moved to Hong Kong in 2015, the domain just didn’t fit anymore. So I moved my page to

A fresh start

Since this morning, however, all old blog posts are only available under the former domain Unfortunately, some of the links no longer work. I am aware of this. But I have decided to split my blog:

  • My old posts in the German language remain stored on
  • In the future, I will write here on in English only.
Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Why in English?

First of all, I want to learn English. Of course, I can talk English. But as you surely have noticed, I can still improve a lot. English is not my mother tongue. Now it’s time to learn even more. And besides, most of my new friends in Asia talk English as well.

So if you are interested in my posts in English, this website is for you. If you prefer to continue reading my blog in German, please go to But be aware: Most of my posts will be published here.

6 comments on “Reboot after 16 years

  1. Jean Luc

    Good luck with your new page! Looks great.

  2. Thomas​

    looks good on mobile too!!

  3. Christopher Hugentobler

    Why did you leave Switzerland?
    I’m half Swiss, with some family around Bern.
    Spent all my life in Asia, now wondering how to approach learning Swiss culture.

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