Quickly create more beautiful screenshots (for iPhone, iPad & AppleWatch)

In the past days, I got this question asked many times. So I decided to blog about it. If you like to post your screenshots on your website or social media profile, you may face the problem, that these pictures often don’t look very appealing. Especially screenshots from an Apple Watch do not look very attractive.

I know there are many different possibilities, but I use LightScreen by Junyu Kuang for myself. The app does cost a one-time fee of USD 5, but I believe it is worth it. Especially if you have to create new screenshots for your blog or a professional social media account regularly.

The handling is incredibly easy. After a few minutes, you know how the app works and are able to optimize your screenshot with quite a few options.

About my lockscreen picture

I am also often asked where I did create my wallpaper on the lock screen. I took this photo in the last days of 2019 in Thailand near Krabi (red pin on the screenshot below). I will post more about the Dragon Crest Hike in the coming days here in this blog. It’s simply a #ShotoniPhone. If you like to use this picture for your background, you can download it here (jpeg in a zip file).

To creadte a screenshot on a Mac, simply press <Shift> + <command> + <5>.
After, you are able to choose the option of your screenshot.

3 comments on “Quickly create more beautiful screenshots (for iPhone, iPad & AppleWatch)

  1. Was ein schöner Screenshot einfach ausmachen kann. Das sieht so viel besser aus mit dieser App. Ich erwische mich so oft dabei, dass ich einem Freund – der da auch etwas für übrig hat – nur noch solche Screenshots sende, keine normalen mehr. 🙂 Dein Blog gefällt mir 👍🏼

    • Lieber Steffen, danke für Deinen Kommentar.

      Ja, das geht mir genau gleich. Ich mag einfach schöne Designs. Nur selten versendet ich beispielsweise einen AppleWatch Screenshot ohne zuvor die App LightScreen genutzt zu haben. Macht einfach viel mehr aus. Wir kommunizieren so viel, ich schreibe lieber den einen oder anderen Tweet weniger, dafür nutze ich qualitativ bessere Daten.

      Danke für Dein Kompliment. Freut mich. Der Blog hier ist noch im Aufbau. Habe einiges in der Pipeline. Vielen Dank 😃

  2. […] couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the app LightScreen in one of my blog posts. Yesterday, Malte Kirchner & Rafael Zeier published the brand new App WatchShot for iOS. With […]

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